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with host Fred Child

In Studio with Quartet San Francisco

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Quartet San Francisco blends classical and popular music. Quartet San Francisco
28min 55sec : In Studio with Quartet San Francisco

Quartet San Francisco's instrumentation is that of a traditional string quartet - 2 violins, a viola, and a cello. But, their sound is nontraditional in every other way beyond that. The quartet's founder, Jeremy Cohen, chooses to see a world without walls between musical genres, making any kind of music fair game for the QSF treatment. Quartet San Francisco joined Performance Today host Fred Child in studio to talk about their journey through classical and non-classical styles and play string quartet arrangements of their favorite tunes. Jazz brushes, turntable scratching, and big band shout choruses are all possible with Quartet San Francisco.

Music includes:
*Dave Brubeck (arr. Cohen): Unsquare Dance
*Sholom Secunda (arr. Cohen): Bei Mir bist du Schoen
*Grace Slick/Jefferson Airplane (arr. Cohen): White Rabbit
*Jeremy Cohen: Enquentro Pasional
*Chick Corea (arr. Cohen): Spain