Performance Today

with host Fred Child

In studio with Alias Chamber Ensemble

Lee Levine and Matthew Walker of the Alias Chamber Ensemble
Alias Chamber Ensemble Suzanne Schaffer
29min 15sec

Composer Gabriela Lena Frank and the Alias Chamber Ensemble from Nashville, Tenn. joined Performance Today host Fred Child in the studio to perform her recent composition, Hilos. Frank's ancestry is Peruvian, Chinese, Lithuanian and Jewish and she's thought quite a bit about the cultural links that bring us together and also make us different. Hilos means 'threads' in Spanish and the piece is both fiendishly difficult and a rhythmic delight. The CD recording of Hilos was nominated for a 2011 Grammy award.

Music from Hilos in this segment includes:
* Canto del Altiplano (Song of the Highlands)
* Zapatos de Chincha (Shoes of Chincha)
* Danza de los diablos (Dance of the devils)
* Juegos (Games)
* Bombines (Bowler hats)