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with host Fred Child

The 'Organ Symphony'

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Antonin Dvorak, trainspotter

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Performance Today celebrates 30 years

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Heard From the Mountaintop

E8108a 20170112 from the mountaintop
13min 13sec

Man Behind the Dream: Bayard Rustin

86dc31 20170113 bayard rustin
3min 23sec

Join Fred Child for a classical cruise through Italy

Eb079e 20160518 italian passages with fred child

Music is Music: Christopher Tignor

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14min 31sec

Bonus Puzzler: Anthony McGill

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12min 29sec

The melodies of La La Land

E5de29 20161221 la la land
11min 15sec

My Favorite Carol

A44fd1 20161130 my favorite carol

Music is Music: A new podcast from Performance Today

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Music is Music: Floating Points

D52af0 20161028 sam shepherd aka floating points
14min 8sec