Performance Today®

with host Fred Child

In studio with REBEL

074c6f 20070111 rebel
16min 3sec

PT in residence at the Curtis Institute of Music

15ec29 20141105 zsche chuang rimbo wong

John Luther Adams and 'Become Ocean'

0f9363 20140415 john luther adams
6min 59sec

The history of the Star-Spangled Banner

11965c 20140911 steve vogel through the perilous fight
14min 37sec

In studio with the Parker Quartet

24dd20 20140904 the parker quartet
21min 41sec

Jacob Bancks' "Rock Island Line"

00fc94 20140828 jacob bancks
4min 59sec

PT in Residence at the Grand Teton Music Festival

15b0f2 20140820 fred child summits grand teton
22min 28sec

PT in Residence at the Aspen Music Festival: Day 5

8e1179 20140718 the performance today road crew
20min 15sec