Performance Today

with host Fred Child

Uchida and Goode on the Singular Marlboro Experience

Mitsuko Uchida's phrasing at the piano is lilting and expressive. Her speaking voice can take on similar musical qualities -- swooping melodies, delicate pauses, sudden passionate crescendos, bursts of evocative laughter. Uchida is one of two Artistic Directors at Marlboro Music in Vermont, along with fellow pianist Richard Goode. They'll reflect on the essence of Marlboro, and how their experiences there have changed them. And cellist Peter Wiley takes us inside his rehearsal process this summer at Marlboro, deconstructing and rebuilding the Brahms C-Major Piano Trio. We'll hear the results from a concert three weeks ago, and a pair of chamber pieces for winds by Beethoven and Strauss, all from Marlboro Music in Vermont.