Performance Today®

with host Fred Child

: Brahms' great violin concerto

Hour One

Hour Two

: Orchestra and kettle drums

Hour One

Hour Two

On stage at Grand Teton: Zemlinsky trio and Broughton for brass ensemble

Image Fred on the summit of the Grand Teton, at 13,775 ft.
15min 50sec

On stage at Grand Teton: Bass 'n' Brass and Schumann's Fantasy Pieces

Image After an early start and a morning of climbing, Fred nears the summit of the Grand Teton.
16min 53sec

Children of the Stone

Image Cover of Sandy Tolan's 'Children of the Stone'
48min 26sec

The Piano Puzzler


On stage at Aspen: Joyce Yang and a standout student trio

Image Joyce Yang
13min 13sec

Aspen student profile: Cynthia Phillippi

Image Cynthia Phillippi
3min 38sec

Aspen student profile: Lucie Ticho

Image Lucie Ticho
2min 41sec

Aspen student profile: Kebra-Seyoun Charles

Image Kebra-Seyoun Charles
3min 19sec