Articles by Garrett Tiedemann

Discovering Philip Glass through film Article

Garrett Tiedemann, a filmmaker and composer, writes about how he discovered Philip Glass - who celebrates his 80th birthday today - through some of Glass's iconic movie scores.


Top ten film scores of 2016 Article

You don't need to wait until the Academy makes up its mind - Garrett Tiedemann has the contenders for this year's best movie scores right here.


Top ten TV scores of 2016 Article

From 'Westworld' to 'Black Mirror,' this year's top TV shows featured superb original scores from a diverse array of composers. Garrett Tiedemann lists the ten best.


Composers' Oscar hopes yet again derailed by innovation - and by classical music Article

Over the last few years a narrative has been developing from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. If you want your score to be considered for Oscar nomination, make sure it's traditional in technique, and has only one composer - and by all means, stay away from previously existing classical music.